Suspension and Chassis

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The XenomatiX real-time road preview solution offers unprecedented detailed and accurate geometric surface information. Front vehicle mounted, it conveys profile measurements enhanced with intensity levels to a control unit for RT decision taking. The application can be tire patched for perfect trajectory tracking and alignment improving comfort and decision taking.

Active Suspension Applications with XenomatiX

Active Suspension

Many automotive brands and suspension suppliers have been working on semi-active or active suspension over the years to enhance road comfort and safety. Touching the limits of the chassis characteristics, tough roads can be camouflaged by adaptive suspensions, stiff and sticky on higher speeds on highways, flexible and damping on cobblestone or off-road surfaces. Digitization of the road in front of the vehicle appears more reliable and effective with XenomatiX road lidar, XenoTrack. 

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)  

CAE tools are widely used in the automotive industry, to reduce time and production costs required for developing a new car. The predictive capability of CAE tools has progressed to the point where much of the design verification is done using computer simulations (diagnosis) rather than physical prototype testing. 

CAE Apps
Vehicle Simulations applications with XenomatiX

Vehicle Simulations

The development of a vehicle has become much more complex as factors like vehicle performance, efficiency, drivability, and comfort are becoming increasingly important. Today’s vehicle development follows trends like electrification, digitalization, connectivity and driver assistance meaning that new approaches and assemblies are necessary. This requires a holistic approach which can only be achieved through virtual analysis, optimization, and validation. 

Proving Ground Maintenance

Also racetracks and proving grounds follow the digital era. Testing on proving grounds remain essential in the last design stage of vehicle production, shifting to virtual proving grounds to safeguard identical proving ground shapes and increase the number of laps that can be tested.  

Proving Ground with XenomatiX

Active Suspension Lidar Measurement

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