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XenomatiX' surveying solution for road inspection applications
Detection and Classification on Highway
XenoTrack - Road Lidar for Road Management Services
Automation in Agriculture with a #TrueSolidStateLidar
Welcome to XenomatiX' true-solid-state LiDAR
Heads-up display solutions with solid state lidar
True-solid-state LiDAR depicting a very busy street
XenoLidar-X Dataset 'Inner City'
Meet XenoLidar-X and its controller
Welcome to XenomatiX' true-solid-state LiDAR
XenoLidar-X: The only moving part is the vehicle
COMING SOON: A new gen true-solid-state LiDAR
6D Road Scanning and Surveying with XenomatiX
Road Management Applications with XenomatiX
The value of validated physic-based lidar simulations
Interview with Filip Geuens, XenomatiX' CEO at AutoSens 2020
XenomatiX and Siemens: A tour in a self-driving vehicle
Book a lidar demo
A true solid state lidar in the city center
Crowd detection with AI and a true solid state lidar
Object detection AI with a true solid state lidar
XenomatiX rich point cloud based object detection application
3D car scanning on snow with XenoTrack
Sidewalk detection with XenoTrack
Real-time lane detection for ADAS with XenoLidar