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True-Solid-State LiDAR

With the need to distinguish its technology, XenomatiX introduced the attributes ”True” to identify solid-state LiDAR systems that meet the definition in all aspects: XenomatiX technology is true-solid-state because it is made with a semiconductor-based laser source and detector and because it is realized without scanning nor moving components, delivering simplicity and scalability required for reliable mass production.

Learn the key features of XenomatiX LiDARs:

3d and 2d USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX’ lidars are known as 6D lidars, including 3D geometry, valuable intensity (for road markings), time information and camera images: a lidar with an inherently incorporated camera, or a camera with lidar performance and no parallax error! With this redundant data, the sensor facilitates sensor fusion and provides redundant and complementary information, strongly supporting the safety applications.

Reliable USP_XenomatiX


The demand for solid state lidar is extremely high since applications relying on lidar are all safety related. XenomatiX opted for components based on technology with proven track records in automotive and other markets, avoiding fancy but risky concepts. Reliability also means durability, with component lifetimes and MTBF higher than the lifetime of the vehicle itself. On the application and software side, XenomatiX’ lidars are designed with redundant data output and clear confidence signatures. Outliers and interference of other identical lidars are filtered out and diagnostics provide detection of mud or bug blockage and even weather interference.

In 2020, XenomatiX has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating its commitment to safety, quality management and rigorous validation processes.

Multi-beam USP_XenomatiX


Completely different from the competitive lidar landscape, XenomatiX offers a no-scanning lidar, detecting the whole scene in “one flash” but without the constraints of shorter range or high power: the multi-beam concept, an innovative and simple but high performant concept, with ranges beyond 200m and normal power consumption. The high resolution point-clouds need no post-treatment for time-space correction like scanning lidars, allow for a much higher frame rate and correct much more easily for one laser fall-out, obviously all within class 1 safety.

Solid State no moving parts USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX’ concept is not a deduction from the spinning lidar, aimed at pretending to be solid state, it is really solid state, a true solid state. All components of the simple BOM are produced by automotive certified manufacturers with proven track records of high MTBF, shock resistance and life-time. To summarize, XenomatiX’ lidars are next generation products, but available now.

Scalable and Affordable USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX’ lidars were designed from a blank page with the focus on mass production, bringing optical and manufacturing expertise all together. The outcome is a simple BOM, now already manufactured by mass producers, prepared for massive scale-up. The similarity with camera technology for the automotive industry, started 20 years ago, gives confidence to OEM and Tier I’s, because, after all, price gives an important meaning to true solid state.

Flexible USP_XenomatiX


With the flexible, modular design, XenomatiX can offer your own lidar: different fields of view, different ranges, different resolutions and frame rates can be offered with an unseen short time-to-market, all technical and environmental challenges covered. Besides the flexible technical requirements of the sensors, different locations in the vehicle or infrastructure, different applications in different markets are served.