Solid State Lidar

Why TRUE Solid state lidar?
Currently, XenomatiX’ portfolios of lidar consist of XenoTrack, XenoLidar and X-Module, all true-solid-state.
We introduced the attribute ”true” to identify solid-state lidar systems that meet the definition in all aspects.
XenomatiX technology is true-solid-state because it is made with a semiconductor-based laser source and detector and built without scanning nor moving components, delivering the simplicity and scalability required for reliable mass production.
True Solid State Lidars from XenomatiX

Learn the key features of a True Solid-State Lidar

3d and 2d USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX’ offers 6D output, including 3D geometry, valuable intensity (for road markings), time information, 2D camera images and detailed GPS data.

With this abundant data, the sensor facilitates sensor fusion and provides complementary information, strongly supporting safety applications.

Highly Accurate Pointcloud from XenomatiX


Excellent local and global accuracy over large distances with millimeter precision.

All road features in the output map are measured with millimeter accuracy and geo-tagged with cm precision.

Quick Road Scanning XenomatiX


All XenomatiX lidar systems are easy to set up & intuitive to operate.

The complete mapping setup is delivered as an easy-to-install solution for any vehicle.

Flexible and Portable XenomatiX'lidar


We offer your own modular design with different fields of view, ranges, resolutions, and frame rates.

Effective for neath integration in vehicles or infrastructure. The lightweight and versatile design makes the lidars ideal for traveling even on airplanes.

Solid State no moving parts USP_XenomatiX


All components of the simple BOM are produced by automotive certified manufacturers with proven track records of high MTBF, shock resistance and life-time.

Its true-solid-state and compact design makes it durable and resistant, able to withstand any type of lighting and weather conditions, on and off road.

Scalable and Affordable USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX’ lidars were designed from a blank page with a focus on mass production, bringing optical and manufacturing expertise together.

The full silicon chip makes it cost-effective in series integration.

Multi-beam USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX offers a no-scanning lidar, detecting the whole scene in “one flash”. The multi-beam concept, is an innovative, simple but high-performant concept, with long range and normal power consumption.

The high-resolution point cloud needs no calculation for time-space correction like scanning lidars and allows for a high frame rate, obviously all within Class 1 safety.

Reliable USP_XenomatiX


XenomatiX opted for components based on technology with proven track records in automotive and other markets. Reliability also means durability, with component lifetimes and MTBF higher than the lifetime of the vehicle itself.

Outliers and interference of other identical lidars are filtered out and diagnostics provide detection of mud or bug blockage and even weather interference.