Application development


With the lidar 6D measurement data – a parallax-free 2D image, high resolution 3D x,y,z-coordinates, intensity and time- you can develop a nearly unlimited range of tailored applications. The “application development” solution offers expert help for making custom apps or supporting apps developed in-house using XenomatiX lidar measurements.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can be added to the software for more reliable object detection, faster classification and more accurate localization. XenomatiX’ 4-dimensional artificial intelligence uses NN that are trained on a limited number of 3D point cloud plus intensity data sets.

Use case

  • Lane assist
  • Highway pilot
  • Object detection
  • Road scanning


XenoLidar or XenoTrack combined with XenoWare and open API for application development

Object Detection with Artificial Intelligence with XenomatiX

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