Road Maintenance

XenomatiX highly accurate, pavement data help you assess the existing condition of any road surface, and extend the overall lifecycle of the pavement. With the use of XenomatiX data, road management teams can monitor road quality and perform temporal analysis to prioritize interventions and optimize road maintenance.
Road Condition Assessment

Condition Indexes

Each road defect is categorized for different levels of repair, maintenance, and budget. Evenness indexes like rutting, International Roughness Index, (compliant with AASHTO and ASTM standards) and PCI are calculated while driving allowing you to reduce time in the field and control budget.

Road Marking Detection_XenomatiX

Road Markings

XenomatiX sensors play a pivotal role in the assessment of road markings, providing detailed evaluations of their condition, visibility, reflectivity, placement, color, and width. This ensures that road markings meet official standards and remain in optimal condition for safe road usage. We identify wear and tear, fading, or damage to road markings, allowing you to make timely maintenance and repair. We can measure the reflective properties of markings during night-time and adverse weather conditions.

Digitizing Pavements

XenomatiX’ innovative LiDAR technology, used in pavement inspections, enables the creation of a comprehensive inventory of the entire road network. This comprehensive view empowers decision-makers, facilitating more informed choices for effective road maintenance strategies. Watch the interview with Colorado Springs’ Mayor.

Why XenomatiX?

  • Quick set up

  • High accuracy

  • 3d-point

    3D pointcloud & 2d images

  • reliable


  • multi-beam


  • no-moving

    No moving parts

  • Flexible

  • scalable

    Scalable & affordable