Road profile lidar for comfort and safety

The high precision, high resolution, short-range and true solid state lidar, XenoTrack, has a proven accuracy within millimeters and is designed for high performance road inspection, unlocking every detail of the 3D road geometry including the road markings. XenoTrack measurements identify road waviness, road damage, small and nearly invisible objects, etc. in RT or for post-analysis. XenoTrack is car mountable and ready for instant use. The XenoTrack portfolio includes two versions: XenoTrack RearView and XenoTrack FrontView and comes pre-installed with XenoWare, the 3D pointcloud software enabling any of your high fidelity road profile based applications.
Road Scanner XenoTrack

XenoTrack Single Lane – The detailed and surface measurements accurate to within a millimeter make it ideal for applications such as pothole detection, surface monitoring during road construction works, seasonal surface degradation analysis, road waviness, etc.

Single Lane RearView metrics

  • Lateral FOV: 4m
  • Longitudinal FOV: 1,9 – 4,1m behind vehicle
  • Smallest resolution x-y: 5-5 mm
  • Accuracy: < 0,45 mm
  • Frame rate: 40Hz
  • Measurement points: over 1 million/sec
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Cobblestone Road Inspection with XenomatiX

XenoTrack Dual Lane –  a solution designed to survey two neighboring lanes in a single pass. The Dual Lane lidar system allows a surveyor or road inspector to save time, resources, and budget by measuring two lanes in one go.

Dual Lane RearView metrics

  • Lateral FOV: 7,5 m
  • Longitudinal FOV: 2,9 – 7,5m behind vehicle
  • Smallest resolution x-y: 10-10 mm
  • Accuracy: < 0,65 mm
  • Frame rate: 40Hz
  • Measurement points: over 1 million/sec
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Road Inspection of Two Lanes with XenomatiX

XenoTrack FrontView – The mm-accurate, high resolution profile data makes the sensor ideally suited for RT application relying on preview measurements such as active suspension for ultimate driving comfort, lane keeping, small but dangerous road obstacle avoidance … .

FrontView metrics

  • Lateral FOV: 6,5 m
  • Longitudinal FOV: 2,8 – 8,2 m behind vehicle
  • Smallest resolution x-y: 10-16 mm
  • Accuracy: < 3,5mm
  • Frame rate: 20Hz
  • Measurement points: 560 000
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Pothole Inspection with XenomatiX

XenoWare is the software interface to access and control the XenoTrack lidar for collecting and processing your pavement data.

Within XenoWare the Digital Road Plus algorithm first stitches each individual point cloud to one fully georeferenced and digitized road with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

The Digital Road Plus applications can automatically identify, calculate and geotag quality measures like IRI (or other evenness measures), rutting and road markings, delivering the output in standard formats as las or crg.  Significant capabilities and performances are added to Digital Road Plus.  If you want to find out more in detail, feel free to download the latest release notes here.

Digital Road Plus_XenomatiX

XenoTrack comes with a roof mounting kit consisting of a rigid, single-bar mounting system used to mount both the lidar sensor and the XenoAsterx antennas and GNSS (optional).

Customer benefits 

  • Increased stiffness eliminates vibrations of the XenoTrack system relative to the car body. 
  • All system components can be removed from the vehicle’s roof at once
  • Calibrated relative position between XenoTrack, GNSS and antennas can be maintained when removing the system from the vehicle. 
  • Easy switch to move the entire system from one vehicle to another. 
Road Scanner Kit, XenoTrack from XenomatiX

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