Road profile lidar for comfort and safety

High precision, high resolution short-range lidar with true solid state built and with accuracy to within a millimetre makes it most appropriate for highly granular surface measurements, unlocking every detail of the road geometry. XenoTrack measurements identify road waviness, road damage, small and nearly invisible objects, etc. in RT or for post-analysis. XenoTrack is car mountable and ready for instant use. The XenoTrack portfolio includes two versions: XenoTrack RearView and XenoTrack FrontView and comes pre-installed with XenoWare, the 3D pointcloud software enabling any of your high fidelity road profile based applications.

XenoTrack RearView – The detailed and surface measurements accurate to within a millimeter make it ideal for applications such as pothole detection, surface monitoring during road construction works, seasonal surface degradation analysis, road waviness, etc.

XenoTrack RearView metrics

  • Accuracy: <2mm
  • Measurement points: up to 180.000 points/sec
  • Frame rate: 60 Hz
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XenoTrack FrontView – The mm-accurate, high resolution profile data makes the sensor ideally suited for RT application relying on preview measurements such as active suspension for ultimate driving comfort, lane keeping, small but dangerous road obstacle avoidance, … .

XenoTrack FrontView metrics

  • Accuracy: <2mm
  • Measurement points: up to 180.000 points/sec
  • Frame rate: 60 Hz
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XenoWare – XenoWare provides high fidelity profile datasets. Automotive interfaces, open API and SDK offer an intuitive framework to integrate XenoTrack into any of your RT or offline road profile applications. Tailored for off-line or RT use, it comes with built-in stitching and mapping algorithms to perfectly reconstruct the surface for in-depth examination, or with tire adjusted profile tracks to drive your active suspension.

XenoWare key features

  • 6D raw data: position (x, y, z) time, intensity, 2D image
  • CVS, STL, BIN, LAS, CRG format
  • Interfaces: CAN, ethernet, open API/SDK
  • Data recording & replay for post-analysis
  • Parallax free video recording
  • INS integration
  • Applications:
    • RT for active suspension
    • Off line for post-processing
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