Self Driving Demo Car with XenomatiX

ADAS and Autonomous

Passenger cars face constant pressure for higher safety, reduced fuel consumption, enhanced driving assistance, etc. imposing ever harder and more stringent requirements on car sensors. This evolution and the ramp-up to Level 3 ADAS, or even to Level 5 autonomous driving, pushes for superior performance sensors such as lidars. XenomatiX solid state lidar offers the reliability that can make this evolution towards autonomous cars real. Read more
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Automotive Suspension

Demand for superior and better driving conditions pushes technology providers to release ever more enhanced road control functions improving comfort and safety. To stay ahead and offer best in class road control solutions, XenomatiX offers a unique cutting edge lidar, ultimately designed for preview with road profile measurements accurate to within a millimeter, bringing your active suspension towards the next level. Read more
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Vehicle Test and Simulation

Lidar data-driven approach empowers automotive companies to make informed decisions, refine vehicle designs, and enhance safety features continuously. By simulating real-world scenarios with LiDAR, automotive engineers can assess vehicle performance, optimize safety features, and fine-tune control systems without exposing physical prototypes or test drivers to risks. XenomatiX' lidars generate a wealth of data during testing and simulation. This data is not only valuable for immediate assessment but also for long-term analysis and continuous improvement. Read more
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Mapping and SLAM

XenomatiX' True Solid-State LiDARs are known for their compactness and precision, making them invaluable in mapping and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) applications. In recent years, XenomatiX’ lidars are being used in innovative ways across various fields within Mapping and SLAM. Read more
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Virtual Proving Ground

One crucial aspect of automotive innovation is the development and testing of vehicles in controlled environments known as proving grounds. These specialized facilities are designed for the testing and validation of vehicles, their components, and systems under controlled conditions throughout a vehicle's development cycle. Traditionally, proving grounds have been indispensable for automotive testing as they offer real-world scenarios and controlled conditions to evaluate vehicle dynamics, reliability, and safety features. Read more

Why XenomatiX?

  • Quick set up

  • High accuracy

  • 3d-point

    3D pointcloud & 2d images

  • reliable


  • multi-beam


  • no-moving

    No moving parts

  • Flexible

  • scalable

    Scalable & affordable