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6D Scanning and Surveying

XenomatiX launches a new business unit, 6D Road Scanning Services. There is a growing demand for digitized road data from road authorities, road engineers, road inspectors, surveyors and those others interested in providing road safety. XenomatiX uses the 3D road LiDAR to measure and collect precise and up-to-date data of all major road networks, local roads, highways, and including on-demand requests from customers. The data is collected using a true solid-state lidar sensor XenoTrack and software connected to a vehicle. The data collected includes, among other things, surface damage, road conditions as well as mapping and monitoring of road markings. Read more
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Active Suspension

The XenomatiX real-time road preview solution offers unprecedented detailed and accurate geometric surface information. Front vehicle mounted, it conveys profile measurements enhanced with intensity levels to a control unit for RT decision taking. The application can be tire patched for perfect trajectory tracking and alignment improving comfort and decision taking. Read more

Offline road analysis

The XenomatiX offline road analysis solution offers high fidelity height and intensity information for post-processing or as simulation input. Its built-in stitching and mapping algorithm perfectly reconstructs the surface for in-depth road analysis and inspection. Uniquely combined with an INS, it fuses low frequency road alterations with high frequency road anomalies, delivering a calibrated datafile in relation to the world coordinate system. Read more
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Object Detection

The XenomatiX surround view solution enables easy application testing and shortens time-to-market. The solution translates the lidar high resolution perception measurements into readily available scene interpretation applications, such as object detection, classification and tracking. Applications rely on the lidar high fidelity 7D information being a parallax-free 2D image, 3D coordinates, intensity and time . Read more
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Build your own lidar

With the ‘build your own lidar’ solution, an own brand and tailored lidar is within easy reach. XenomatiX modular and adaptable lidar design based on mature technology components makes it ideally suited for 3rd party lidar development. Resulting in a reference design of your own branded lidar it allows you to shorten time to market and avoid development risks by using XenomatiX proven lidar building blocks. Read more

Application development

With the lidar 7D measurement data - a parallax-free 2D image, high resolution 3D x,y,z-coordinates, intensity and time- you can develop a nearly unlimited range of tailored applications. The ‘application development’ solution presages expert consultancy for tailored application development or support for in-house application development based on XenomatiX lidar measurements. Read more
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Lidar as a reference system

Qualification and benchmarking of 3D measurement instruments is a frequent question in metrology applications. The XenomatiX solution ‘Lidar as a reference system’ relies on the lidar’s highly detailed and precise 3D measurements as a baseline for comparing and qualifying other 3D systems, such as camera based metrology systems. Read more
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Lidar integration

The XenomatiX ‘Lidar integration solution’ relies on XenomatiX lidar modular and scalable design to assure seamless integration into any type of mobility system such as vehicles, drones, robots, etc.. Its full semiconductor and modular design guarantees perfect compatibility with any form factor. As a partner with our own in-house industrial designers, we can support you in all your design questions and guarantee flawless integration. Read more

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