Bike Lane and Sidewalk inspection

Bike Lane & Sidewalk Inspection

XenomatiX pavement inspection solution is versatile and can be implemented across any type of traffic lane like pedestrian sidewalks, running lanes, trails, tow tracks, and more. This contributes to the creation of more inclusive and accessible roads for all. Read more
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Road Scanning and Surveys

XenomatiX road lidar accurately measures and collects in real time pavement data. This data is used to assess even the slightest surface damage, any road conditions and monitoring of road markings. Read more
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Suspension and Chassis

XenomatiX road preview solution offers unprecedented detailed and accurate geometric surface information. The application can be tire patched for perfect trajectory tracking and alignment improving comfort and decision taking. Read more

Application development

The Application Development solution presages expert consultancy for tailored application development or support for in-house application development based on XenomatiX lidar measurements. Read more
Object Detection and Tracking with XenomatiX lidar

Object Detection

XenomatiX' true solid-state lidar delivers 6D data sets including a rich point cloud, intensity and 2D data combined and inherently fused, allowing rich object detections, classifications and tracking in time.   Read more
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Lidar as a reference system

This solution relies on XenomatiX lidar highly detailed and precise measurements as a baseline for comparing and qualifying other 3D systems, such as camera based metrology systems. Read more

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