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XenoBike offers an advanced solution for bike lane inspection. With its four-wheel design and XenoTrack technology, it efficiently scans bike lanes to measure any imperfections. The resulting digital model provides a quality rating along with practical recommendations for improvement. In short, XenoBike simplifies bike lane maintenance, making it an effective tool for enhancing overall infrastructure quality.
XenoBike for Bike Lane Inspection with XenomatiX

Xenobike is a comprehensive solution for analyzing bike lane imperfections with unparalleled precision. Available for purchase, XenoBike equips users with a wealth of data, empowering you to conduct a thorough analysis of pavement conditions for maintaining and improving bike infrastructure. The four-wheeled bike comes with the 4D road lidar XenoTrack, a 12-megapixel camera, RTK GPS/IMU, and a wheel encoder. The package also includes a secure cargo box, a user-friendly tablet interface, and safety warning labels for enhanced rides. Developed with a focus on functionality and user ease, Xenobike is your go-to for safe bike lanes.

Digitized Bike Lane – right picture

Digitizing Bike Lanes with XenoBike

Opting to rent Xenobike offers a flexible and efficient solution for advanced bike lane inspection. The bike comes fully equipped and readily prepared for data collection. Renting Xenobike on an on-demand approach is particularly advantageous for periodic or project-based lane inspections, offering cost-effective access to XenomatiX’ technology without a long-term investment. Renters can benefit from the detailed digital models and quality assessments provided by Xenobike.

GIS map of the bike lane – right picture

Road Condition Assessment

Skip the need to purchase or rent Xenobike, save the hassle of allocating your resources, time, and personnel – let XenomatiX’ dedicated team handle it all for you. From project initiation to completion, our service encompasses the entire process. Once briefed, we embark on data collection, conduct in-depth analysis, and deliver a comprehensive digital model of the pavement condition. Accompanied by quality index and actionable recommendations, our end-to-end service ensures a seamless and efficient solution for your bike lane assessment needs.

XenoBike collecting data – right picture


Our system is designed to simplify pavement management. Contact our team to discuss your application.
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