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  • Upcoming Webinar

    Watch the recorded webinar on Bike Lane Inspection, here
  • XenomatiX Events in the USA

    Upcoming Events USA

    PWX24, Sept 8-11, Atlanta; IRF R2T, Nov, Washington
  • XenomatiX Events in Europe

    Upcoming Events EU

    MIB Jun 27, Munich; InterGEO, Sept 24-26, Stuttgart; ERPUG, Oct 16-18, Koln; Belgisch Wegencrongres, Oct 7-10, Namur; Trefdag Vlaanderen Digitaal, Oct 24, Gent.
  • XenomatiX China Events

    Upcoming Events China

    Airshow, Nov 12-17, Zhuhai; Chintergeo, Nov 27-29, Wuhan
  • Lidar Integration on windshield_XenomatiX

    Do you see the LiDAR?

    We have integrated our true-solid-state Lidar in the car grille, bumper, and front and back windshield You can request a live demo to our team.