Customized Lidar and Integration

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For each application case, we identify, together with our partners, the required field of view, resolution, and range for the application and desired integration positions. With the help of our R&D team, we deliver an integrated lidar solution for your vehicle, robot, or static structure.

XenomatiX uses the in-house X-Module, a modular lidar concept, for 3rd party lidar development. Developing your own lidar system, allows you to shorten the time to market and reduce development risks by using XenomatiX’ true solid-state lidar technology.

Over the past few years, XenomatiX has partnered with many Tier I companies like Marelli Lighting, AGC, Kautex and vehicle manufacturers to design and build customized and functional solid-state lidar.

True Solid State Lidar_XenomatiX
True Solid State Lidar Integration in Vehicle, XenomatiX

XenomatiX relies on a modular and scalable lidar design to assure seamless integration into any type of mobility system such as vehicles, drones, robots, etc.. Its full semiconductor and modular design guarantees perfect compatibility with any form factor. As a partner with our own in-house industrial designers, we can support you with all your design questions and guarantee flawless integration.

With various partners, we have designed many lidar integrations:

  • Windshield integration
  • Bumper integration
  • Head-&taillight integration
  • Side mirror integration

XenomatiX Technology

For lidar integration and customization, we use the X-module lidar combined with XenoWare.

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LiDAR behind a windshield

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