Object Detection

Object Detection and Tracking with XenomatiX lidar

Lidars create point clouds and algorithms create the 3D perception of ‘objects’.  Object detection applications translate the lidar high-resolution perception data into readily available 3D scene information. XenomatiX’ true solid-state lidar delivers 6D data sets including a rich point cloud, intensity and 2D data combined and inherently fused, allowing rich object detections, classifications and tracking in time.  

Applications include  ‘object’ detection and tracking, mapping and SLAM,  free space detection, lane keeping, slope monitoring, etc… and easily support sensor fusion when required. 

These applications are powered by the true solid-state lidar XenoLidar which additionally gives access to 4D-AI solutions for faster and power-efficient applications with limited NN training required. 

Object Detection and Tracking with XenomatiX lidar

Driving Assistance

LiDAR sensors take their position in autonomous driving and ADAS to make accurate, robust, and fast decisions when driving. XenomatiX’ sensor provides a 6D visualization of the driving environment with just one sensor. 

XenomatiX’ true solid-state lidar and XenoWare can be applied to create powerful ADAS solutions with improved road safety, including Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more. 

Monitoring & Control

Lidar sensors are also used in security applications. Generating real-time 6D maps of the environment allows users to define and monitor customized digital boundaries in a wide variety of challenging indoor and outdoor applications, accounting for varying lighting and precipitation to facilitate highly reliable object detection, identification, and tracking. 

Object Detection with Artificial Intelligence with XenomatiX

Object Detection with Artifical Intelligence

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