Lidar as a reference system

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XenomatiX leverages LiDAR’s highly detailed and precise 3D measurements as a baseline for comparing and qualifying other 3D measurement systems, including camera-based metrology systems. 

In the field of metrology, where measurements are crucial for quality assurance and compliance, there is a constant demand for innovative methods to validate and benchmark 3D measurement instruments. Traditional methods, while reliable, can be time-consuming and may not provide the level of accuracy and detail required for cutting-edge applications. 

The data collected by XenomatiX LiDAR serves as a reference point for comparing and qualifying other 3D measurement instruments, such as camera-based metrology systems. It enables autonomous vehicle to perceive and understand their environment with high precision and make real-time decisions for safe navigation.  

Use case

  • Calibrating stereovision or radar systems
  • AI training for camera/radar systems


XenoTrack or XenoLidar combined with Xenoware and open API for application integration;

3D Object Detection with Lidar_XenomatiX

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