XenomatiX has proven to meet AASHTO R56 at NCAT

XenoTrack has proven to meet AASHTO R56 at NCAT

XenomatiX, road lidar XenoTrak has completed the NCAT certification.

The certification consists of a ‘’block test’’ vertical verification and a ”bounce test” or accelerometer test. The distance measuring instrument (DMI) is then verified for longitudinal accuracy. Passing criteria for the DGA sections are ten (10) runs on each of the three dense-graded asphalt (DGA) sections, yielding cross-correlation values of 92% repeatability and 90% accuracy when compared to the reference profiler.

NCAT’s Profiler Certification Program consists of three DGA test sections and an OGFC test section. The DGA sections are: smooth (IRI 30 to 75 in/mile), medium-smooth (95 to 135 in/mile), and a medium- rough (135 to 200 in/mile). The IRI of the OGFC section falls within the “smooth” range. The certification procedure is further detailed in AASHTO R 56.

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