XenoLidar-X true solid state lidar

XenoLidar-X in the media

The newly launched true-solid-state XenoLidar-X has generated some interest in the media.

During an interview with Carla Lauter, Editor of GeoWeek, XenomatiX’ CEO Filip Geuens said:

“To me, true solid-state lidar is like Bigfoot – something that everyone is talking about, but no one has ever seen. And now we have a true solid-state lidar that’s available – it’s for sale – you can buy it now, not somewhere in the future”. The article featured on GeoWeek is called ‘ Automotive lidar’s “light bulb” moment? XenomatiX launches new true solid-state lidar’ and is available here

A more technical article written by Carl Anthony, from AutoVision News. Carl outlines the difference between the two modules Xact and Xpert, writes:

”Since both units (Xact and Xpert) are stand-alone solutions, they can be utilized in different ways to achieve a desired result. For example, two Xact units can be combined for a 120-degree field of view. One unit could be positioned on the vehicle’s left-front while the second would be positioned on the right-front”. The full article ‘..Here is How it Works & What Sets it Apart’ is available here