Road Scanner XenoTrack

Next-level Road Lidar

Leuven 22.03.2022 – XenomatiX specializes in the design and development of solid-state-lidars. In 2020, the company launched its 6D road scanning product and service for fast, accurate and cost-effective pavement inspection. This offering is built around the Road LiDAR, XenoTrack, and allows for millimeter precision road survey measurements.

Today, XenomatiX announces a new version of XenoTrack based on the latest Lidar technology for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The new updated version of XenoTrack provides improved accuracy, resolution and productivity in a new, sleek design. The new XenoTrack comes with enhanced functionality and a fully integrated total solution with HD camera and RTK GNSS. Road characteristics such as the international roughness index and rutting index are quantified while driving and provide road management and construction companies with a fast assessment of pavement quality.

XenoTrack can be mounted on a regular vehicle and digitizes the road surface, collecting 3D point clouds revealing road geometry and reflectivity data for the road markings. Adding a high-resolution camera and RTK-GNSS, the survey systems provide extra 2D images for a total of six dimensions, all synchronized and annotated with precise GPS data. With the corresponding data, municipalities can better determine the status of their road network and when and where road repairs are needed. Applications go from road quality analysis over seasonal surface degradation follow-up and pothole detection, digital twin and PMS, to road surface monitoring during construction.

For a one-minute video introduction to 6D road scanning, click here.

Last November, the International Road Federation (IRF) awarded XenomatiX the Global Road Achievement Awards for the 6D road scanning and surveying solutions. The company has achieved multiple other prestigious awards and this year, in 2022, XenomatiX was named as CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree and won the Trends Gazelle Award. For more information, visit their website: