XenomatiX in the news

Following the launch of XenoLidar-X, the new generation true-solid-state LiDAR, XenomatiX gains a lot of attention from the media. With the following articles being published in the past 30 days.

In the latest issue of Telematics Wire, a monthly digital magazine in the field of connected vehicle, autonomous vehicle, shared mobility and electric vehicle, the following article is published Why is true-solid-state LiDAR the future of automotive applications?

Moreover, on the 3rd of June, A story in Bits and Chips quoted Filip Geuens, CEO, XenomatiX, saying:

“But to be blunt, there has been a lot of bullshit in the lidar market. A lot of wannabe companies that make promises well beyond the limits of the laws of physics. That really makes it difficult for tier ones and OEMs to see the forest through the trees. We like to be less noisy and just let our technology do the talking”. Read the full article here