XenomatiX Road Data

Come join XenomatiX

After a successful conference hosted by XenomatiX in Leuven, the Digital Twin Conference (DTC), XenomatiX continues to focus on improving road management, and safety, while staying also focused on autonomous.

In October 2022, XenomatiX will participate to several fairs ERPUG, Intergeo, and FIRA where for the first time the new XenoTrack will be in the spotlight. The new XenoTrack comes with almost 10 times more laser beams (from 3000 to 28000 laser spots) providing superior resolution and precise quantification of IRI, rutting, and potholes, to evaluate road quality.

Come join us in:

  • Erpug in Edinburgh Oct 12-14
  • FIRA, California, US Oct 18-20
  • Intergeo, Essen, Oct 18-20