6D Scanning and Surveys

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XenomatiX offers 6D Road Scanning Services, in a response to a growing demand for digitized road data from road authorities, road engineers, road inspectors, surveyors, and other stakeholders interested in providing road safety. XenomatiX uses the 6D road lidar to measure and collect high-precision and up-to-date data of road networks or sections requested by the customer.

The data collected includes raw digitized road data including surface damages, surface conditions as well as road markings. The data is collected using a true solid-state lidar sensor XenoTrack mounted on any vehicle. Any road can be digitized from community road, national road, highway but also harbor quays, airport runways, and even off-road.

Depending on the required usage of the data, different formats and further analyses are offered.

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Road Scanning and Surveys:

  • High quality, first-class data
  • Fast, accurate and affordable

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  • Road – local road, highway, harbor quay, airport runway, and off-road
  • Data – 3D geometrical lidar data, camera data, GPS data


Purpose of the Road Data measuring is to perform

  • Road quality management (PMS)
  • Planning for preventive and curative road maintenance
  • Road obstructions check
  • Road topography and mapping
  • Reference data for camera technology
  • Proving ground profiles management
  • Digital twin of road assets (BIM)
  • Research and simulations using road profiles


Post-processing and analyses offered

  • International Roughness Index
  • Longitudinal Evenness
  • Transversal Evenness
  • Rutting Index – Left & Right
  • Road markings – Available On-Demand
  • Cracks – Available On-demand
  • Potholes – Available On-demand
  • Subsidence – Available On-demand



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We help improve road infrastructure and increase the efficiency of road maintenance to make roads and cities safer.


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