True-Solid-State LiDAR for Road Safety, Comfort & Autonomy

XenomatiX’ mission is to provide road safety and road comfort with its solidly reliable, versatile and affordable true-solid-state LiDAR technology. Applications and solutions are numerous, on-road and off-road, dynamic and static, outside and inside.

6D Road Scanning and Surveys are a natural extension of the company business, helping to optimize road infrastructure and increase the efficiency of road maintenance to make roads and cities safer.

Marelli is glad to start a collaboration with a high-tech added value partner like XenomatiX. Our objective is to support our customers in enabling a crucial set of functions in the ADAS and AD field thanks to the true solid state LiDAR technology of XenomatiX

Sylvain Dubois - CEO of Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division
  • 3d-point

    3D pointcloud & 2d images

  • reliable


  • multi-beam


  • no-moving

    No moving parts

  • flexible


  • scalable

    Scalable & affordable

Why XenomatiX?

Developing 3D vision together Leading the mobility revolution together!

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