XenomatiX is the first company to offer true solid-state LiDAR solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. We design and build products and software that enable 3D digitization and understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings in real-time.

Our technologically advanced solutions offer unequalled object detection and tracking, free space detection, road profile measurement and localization based on reliable proven technology.

Low power, multi-beam LiDAR sensor
The simultaneous illumination of thousands of laser beams, combined with a high frequency frame rate, results in a vast amount of measurements per second discerning every single detail of objects and potential road obstacles.

Proven, reliable LiDAR on-chip technology
XenomatiX’ true solid-state chip-based LiDAR products are based on mature technology, forming the basis for a scalable, future proof solution. The proven chip-based technology is both reliable and affordable. The LiDAR on-chip technology guarantees both high performance and energy optimization.

Unique combination of 3D point cloud and 2D image output
The XenoWare software captures superior density 3D point clouds and 2D images, resulting in rich data about the object position, movement and distance to the vehicle. XenomatiX’ products are unique in offering this combination, which is considered a significant advancement over competing LiDAR systems.

Our next generation LiDAR solutions increase safety, efficiency, comfort and performance. We constantly improve and invest in our technology to meet the needs of automotive OEMs, Tier 1 manufacturers and integrators and stay ahead of market evolutions and industry requirements.

XenomatiX customers include several of the world's leading car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and mobility innovators. XenomatiX is based in Belgium with international operations and global industry partnerships.

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