Offline road analysis


The XenomatiX offline road analysis solution offers high fidelity height and intensity information for post-processing or as simulation input. Its built-in stitching and mapping algorithm perfectly reconstructs the surface for in-depth road analysis and inspection. Uniquely combined with an INS, it fuses low frequency road alterations with high frequency road anomalies, delivering a calibrated data file in relation to the world coordinate system.

Use Cases:

  • Road quality inspection, longitudinal and lateral
  • Soil displacement calculation
  • Historical or seasonal road degradation analysis
  • Quality inspection post road construction works
  • BIM and Digital Twin databases
  • Measurement as a service: tailored measurement campaigns for customer specific cases


XenoTrack Rearview installed with XenoWare and open API for application integration.

Optionally combined with INS (GPS + IMU) and/or crg format conversion modules

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