True Solid State vision sensor

Based on proven semiconductor components, the XenoLidar novel pattern based projection guarantees outstanding detection reliability. Through the simultaneous illumination of thousands of laser beams, the resolution mounts into million of measurements per second discerning every detail in the car's surrounding. The charge integrated ToF distance calculation assures a large operating range (+200m) whilst using parallel low power laser beams.

In line with automotive requirements operating zones, XenoLidar is available in modules varying with respect to range and field of view. The highway module is configured up to 200m, the urban module offers a viewing angle over 100°. 

Automotive grade

  • No moving parts
  • Small form factor
  • Outstanding durability
  • Low power
  • Proven technology

Superior Reliability

  • Unprecedented detection capabilities
  • Large operating range
  • Day and night
  • Any weather
  • High speed
  • High resolution pointcloud


Leading in detection reliability

XenoTrack an automotive optical sensor operates in all light and weather conditions. Its unique laser projection and triangulation based distance calculation assures metrology grade data. This data and corresponding key parameters are transfered to the car control unit for interpretation and decision taking. The XenoTrack is optimal for road scanning, object detection, ... .

Fully calibrated Testkit

The XenoTrack comes with XenoWare, providing amongst others a graphical user interface to visualizes real-time the measured 3D data on a color map. Data can be exported and consulted afterwards for further interpretation and analysis.

  • Realtime rolling carpet, visualizing all obstacles, road height profile, 
  • Easy to operate - clear interface
  • Off-line mode for replay 
  • Graphical representation: rolling carpet color map with adjustable scaling
  • Access to raw data: STL export

Resilient measurements

  • Metrology grade data
  • Any light and weather condition
  • Detailed road profile and small objects
  • Mountable on any car
  • Easy alignment with car coordinates


To implement your vision applications of choice

The XenoWare software uses an open API and provides output formats compliant to automotive standards allowing your development team to use the raw data for developing their own application(s).

  • Data transfer via RS232, CAN or ethernet
  • Pointcloud data storage in STL files
  • Raw geometrical data and intensity maps 
  • Replay mode for offline system use and data analysis 
  • Parallel video recording for visual documentation
  • Managing the interface to the car's control unit

6 dimensional data

  • Position (X,Y,Z) for all measurement points
  • Intensity information
  • Spot shape
  • Evolution of these parameters in time

System Integration Services

Expertise to make your vision project excel

The XenomatiX engineering team can provide exquisite development and integration services for your optical sensing projects. Services that are offered go from mathematical modeling, to full integration and design services making the sensor adjusted to your application needs.

The XenomatiX vision sensors offer the flexibility to be used on a variety of vehicles and for a multitude of applications. We digitize tracks, rent XenoLidar and XenoTrack systems, run test campaigns, participate in application development or customize the system to optimize your application.

XenomatiX engineers are happy to work together with your experts to find the best solution and to make your application excel.