What our customers say

" Taking a completely new approach to time of flight distance calculation XenomatiX has demonstrated their superior detection reliability and their large operating range despite the ultra low power lasers. They seem to have a winning concept.

K Dr. D.C., senior autonomous driving engineer at a Tier 1

" The XenomatiX novel approach to active illumination is a game changer. It clearly overcomes a number of reliability issues known in standard ToF based LIDARs making the concept highly attractive for real autonomous cars.

K L.T., sensor specialist at a major German car brand

" Knowing there is a solution that is measuring what is around a car instead of just seeing it brings the future of autonomous driving closer.

K D.F., Engineering Manager at a major car manufacturer

" XenomatiX really understood how to make a vision system for outdoor, automotive use.

K P.L., automotive consultant

" I didn't expect the XenoTrack to be able to see these small rocks on the road, but it really did. And even when we repeated this in the middle of the night. Impressive.

K A.G., test pilot and suspension expert

" XenomatiX is a trustworthy party. A competent team is driving this technology.

K L.R., senior investor